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Diploma myths

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counting how many young people, graduating from Universities do not work in the specialty? And is education when applying for a job? There are a few myths about do I need a diploma. Let us now look at some of them.

Myth 1. For graduates good demand in the labour market

Not in all areas. Yes, in sales the demand for specialists is very high, but it is associated with the specifics of this region. Sometimes it is so high that the employer becomes not important no diploma, no experience or age.

Stable demand for technicians, as well as representatives of narrow specializations. Good feel on the labour market pharmacists online pharmacies is continuously growing. But this is a temporary phenomenon — as soon as the number of students graduating pharmaceutical faculties will cover the needs of the market, they suffer the fate of lawyers, psychologists


Good feel on the labour market pharmacists online pharmacies is constantly growing

To this short list of professions in demand, you can add professionals in the oil and gas industry — of course, provided really good training in a prestigious profile University.

Myth 2. With a diploma easier to get first job

It’s true — the probability of successful employment of graduates compared to a candidate without a degree with equal points given above. For the employer, the diploma — it is a guarantee that the person is able to think logically, to analyze, to systematize received information and is able to adapt and learn in the workplace. That is, if you do not consider his professional skills (for employment in another profession). But trust me, if your competitor in the same area will be people not having VO, but with experience in a similar position — preference will be given to him.

Myth 3. You need to start from scratch, if you want to build a good career

That is, no need to hesitate, even in his pocket, a crisp fresh crust of higher education, to shift the goods on the shelf as a merchandiser or pester people with phone calls, working as a salesperson or consultant. Yes, in many companies implemented this concept: “Today you’re a salesman, and tomorrow will be the Director”. But not telling the whole story if the authors of these optimistic slogans? If you look at the practice and statistics show, once it becomes clear that 95% of professionals in these companies career ends exactly at the stage with which it began.

Myth 4. The owners of diplomas about education and “chemists” work much harder to find

The stereotype of the “chemists” is somewhat outdated. In the last 5-7 years, such industries of the Russian economy, as oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, building materials production, began to develop rapidly. Suffering and humanists, perhaps the best of all learned to adapt to the changing realities of life — by the way, thanks largely to his education. So at the moment their chances of finding a good job is no lower than the chances of techies, and the question “do I need a diploma?” humanists are firmly answer “Yes.”

Personal experience

Myth 5. The most promising profession in our time — banking specialist

Yes, the growth of consumer credit as type of service, is now extremely high. But the problem is that graduates of our banks take to work only to the position of clerk. And sometimes even unable to offer the position of Manager on work with clients, for which no diploma is required. In addition, during the recent crisis it has been proven that many banks does not value their employees, like semi-legal


counting with people black cash.

As you can see, the question whether the diploma in our country — is still open. That graduates from local Universities are many shortcomings that are not acceptable to employers, partly due to the educational institutions themselves. In a nutshell, the problem is that too much time on theory and little practice. Young professionals often have no idea about corporate culture, business ethics, work planning, organization of production etc.

— they simply do not teach. The need for educational reforms is obvious and nobody disagrees with that. But how much time will pass until the situation will change for the better is still unknown.



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